Peterson’s Donut Corner, affectionately referred to by locals simply as Peterson’s, is a donut shop located in Escondido, California. Since 1981 they’ve been frying donuts from scratch, have become Escodido’s most-loved business, (  and attracted something of a cult following.  If you live anywhere in Escondido or the surrounding cities you undoubtedly have heard of Peterson’s  If not, do yourself a favor and get down there pronto! Basically the best (okay, it’s also the only) 24 hour hangout in Escondido. It’s a family run business, currently managed by Ralph Peterson Jr

As Escondido natives ourselves, we of course are lifelong fans of Peterson’s, and often find ourselves enjoying a tasty late night maple bar.  We love our community, and have a huge appreciation for all the small local businesses. We were thinking of new projects we’d like to pursue, Peterson’s immediately came to mind. We approached Ralph last month and offered to make him a promotional video. After sharing our vision with him, he was immediately on board.

Since Peterson’s is already massively popular and have achieved local celebrity, our goal for the promo spot wasn’t necessarily to reach new customers, but to create customer camaraderie, share a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the shop and maybe encourage a little “anytime, anywhere” donut snacking ;]

We scheduled three days of shooting. First, we came at 11PM – primary donut-makin’ hour – and filmed several hours of footage, capturing the donut-making process start to finish. As kids we had always peered in through the glass but never in our wildest dreams actually thought we would be on the other side of the glass. It was magical to say the least. We stayed out of the way as much as we could, and all the staff were super nice and accommodating.

Two more days of filming for all the outdoor shots, and many, MANY donuts later we were able to finish the final edit. We hope you like it as much as we liked making it! If you’re ever in Escondido make sure you stop by – and tell Ralph that we sent you ; ]